Monday, July 27, 2009


My first day back in Bali was nostalgic to say the least, the last time I was here was in 2003. It was the first time I had been to Bali, and I spent 3 months in total. In those three months I got to know the lay out of the place reasonably well. The first day was constant flood of memories, I recognized and saw things that I had completely forgotten about. Streets, buildings, roads, rice patties, eateries, buildings and even people, the same girls at the same stands using the same lines on constant passers by. Having said this I still got lost for a large portion of the day. I missed the turn off to the street my hotel was on at least 3 times and worse than that I missed the turn off to Canguu which lead me to about 6 different parts of the beach. The correct road is still yet to be located, but there is always tomorrow and I know the name of it, its just I am sure it is lacking any kind of visible sing that could help lead me there.

The heat is not as bad as I remember and the water is not as warm. But the smells, the dirtiness and the poverty are still completely consistent with my memory.

My bed is damp, as well as my pillows, they were this way upon arrival to my small, dank, smelly room, that is costing me about $4 a night so I really have no cause for complaints.

After a brief snooze in the afternoon I decided to try and find a few people that I met last time I was here, I got on my bike and began to head in the general direction of where I remembered their place being, after about 20 minutes of riding I found it, somehow, I am still amazed at myself. After 6 years of not being there I was riding up the ally and Wayan, who I was going to see jumped out at me and was like, Dane. I spent the rest of my afternoon there talking.

This morning I actually managed to find Canguu, it was not big about 3 foot and just super fun punchy wedges, I spent my entire morning finding air reverse bowls!The sun rise from the plane.I have cold showers pretty much standing in my toilet haha.

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