Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets Run Away.

Monday morning it was decided Craig, Brad and myself would be going 4 wheel driving. I felt kind of bad about this because.. Well just because I am kind of all pro nature. But I figured they would be going with or without me and I have never been so I should make the most of these things.
The first place we went to was blocked off by the ranger, so we decided to head else where. When we arrived the first track we looked at was out of control steep and muddy with a river at the bottom of it and I was already real scared haha. After going through and over the most mental things we arrived on top of a hill/mountain. Not quite big enough to be a mountain I don't think but we were pretty high up in an old tree plantation area that had been completly logged.The sun shone through the clouds breifly on a mostly rainy day. On top of the mountain.

Into The Wild.

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