Monday, October 19, 2009

New Found Glory.

I got two new things yesterday. One was a board, the other was my holga. I rode the board pretty much straight away and was that syked it was silly. The shape is bullshit!!
I got the holga and tweaked it so I could shoot 35mm through it straight away.

I could not get the silver one, Joe got them. But I am still super syked on the colours!

Everything you need to start. Tape, film, foam, rubber bands, cardboard.Put a rubber band round each end of the spool so the film rolls on straight.I got rid of the plastic 4x6 insert and covered the two plastic runners with electric tape, the film drags across these parts.Cut the foam to the right size, place film inbetween the foam, tape it to the spool so as to make sure it winds on.The film does not sit flat, so I put cardboard in to help it stay flat.I taped the film in to make sure it does not fall out. This is what it looked like just before I put it together.
I taped up all the cracks in the camera so light would not get in, Thats one of the whole points of the Holga but I didn't want it to happen yet. I could not get black tape either, I will for the next roll of film though.

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