Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Time Its Only For The Memories.

Every Sunday afternoon when I go to work there is a guy working across the parking lot doing the weekly clean of his resturant of employment, every Sunday afternoon at 5:30pm I start to set up my resturant of employment and as he is packing and cleaning his down all I can hear booming across the parking lot is an assortment of gangsta rap and hip hop travelling straight from his door to mine.
The music he plays sends me into an instant state of nostalgia and takes me straight back to my last few years in high school from about year 9 or 10 to year 12.
At first he was playing Dr Dre (2001), Eminem (The Marshall Mathers E.P), and N.W.A's Niggaz4Life. All these albums were pretty main stream back in the day and I thought nothing of it other than to sing along and enjoy the trip down memory lane as I would set up outside. But more recently he has been bringing out a few other albums that I have just gone wow this guy is really stuck in the late 90s very early 00s. First it was Ludacris (Chicken & Beer), then The Notorious B.I.G. (Life After Death disc2) both still pretty main stream but then it got a bit deeper with DMX's The Great Depression, Killah Preist's Black August and Xzibit's Restless album. As I was taken completly aback by these albums I could not believe I could still remember the album names and even more so than that almost every word to every song. These are things I have not heard of or thought of since about 2002.
I constantly look over as this young guy is hosing down the mats and I think to myself, what is it that has you so stuck in the past, I have not heard one song post 2003.
There is no real conclusion to this post, excpt for the fact that every Sunday afternoon I know I am going to take a trip down a musical memory lane for the first 30-45 minutes of my shift and I am actually a little bit excited about it.

Another photo from the water fall trip.

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