Friday, January 8, 2010

Police Harassment.

I was on my way home from work, skating along the same road I have been skating 4-6 nights a week for the last five years. Tonight the police pull up next to me and say something, I was listening to music so I just looked and waved and kept going. They then decided to cut me off and shine a torch in my face, they then asked me to produce my ID, this is when things went south. I could have just done the sensible thing and shown them, but what right do they have to harass someone on their way home from work, for doing less than nothing wrong. They told me to produce it or I would be arrested, I told them that they could not intimidate me into showing them my ID, I have done nothing wrong and you are not allowed to harass people for no reason. They grabbed me and started to drag me towards the car saying I was under arrest for failing to stop when instructed. I do not believe that the police, the Prime minister or anyone else for that matter has the power to stop someone in the street for no reason and when you choose to continue on with your other wise lawful night.
They asked me if I had ever been in trouble with the police before, I told them yes for this exact same reason and I got off with out a charge because they knew they were doing the wrong thing and had nothing to charge me with.
This is what is wrong with our police force, they force this negative image of the law on us, through advertising weather it be television or a bill board or any other media outlet, leading us to believe that they are always watching and that we should be scared if we do something wrong that they will see and we will have to deal with the law. That is why, the generally law abiding are scared of the police and the few that have been in trouble with them have no respect for them at all. It is all because of this projection, the projection is only a small part of the problem though, the major problem is the red neck, dumb as shit police that see these adds that think that they need to uphold this image of an intimidating law enforcer. They do a 36 week training course and are thrown out onto the street with a badge and a gun and a newly developed sense of self righteousness, that only comes with a lack of intelligence and ambition. I do not believe anyone wants to be a "street cop" for the rest of their lives... I could be wrong about this though.
They need an education on the law and not just how they can fight crimes. It was not until after they let me out of the paddy wagon that they could come up with anything that I may have been doing wrong and they said that that was skating on a two lane road, is apparently breaking the law but having done this for the last 5 or so years, and only having had this problem once which formulated in a very similar but different way- they arrested me for "hindering police activity" because I would not give them my skate board when requested. Another bull shit charge.- I really can not see it being that much of a crime.
As soon as some one shows them they are not scared of them for a just reason they feel the need to instill fear on that person for what reason, so the general public feels they can not trust the police, that they are only there to punish and not protect the rights of the average person... I am angry about this!

On a far more positive I woke up to this this morning.


  1. mannnn i smell bacon hahaha
    but seriously man good for you for standing up to them. if it was me i wouldve been a bitch and gave them my skateboard haha

  2. Fuck that! Its bullshit. I know alot of people that would have just given into them. But most of the kids I know that have spent alot of time hanging around town probably would have done the same thing. They are just so ignorant it hurts my head.