Wednesday, October 27, 2010



16th century library. The pages were made out of sheep skin and were filled with religious texts. I could have spent forever in here taking photos but 1, we were not allowed to take photos at all, I got this one on the sly and we had to stay behind some shitty rope and could get no closer than that. But it was soooo amazing!!


I went for a surf in Lima, the water smelt like sewerage, the water was as cold as Melbourne in the middle of winter, climbing over the rocks I had to navigate through glass and many planks of wood with multiple nails sticking out, and it was about as easy to get as wave as surfing the Pass in the middle of summer. But I was sooo stoked! First surf in 3 months.


  1. The pictures are amazing, and I couldn't think of any where better to stay than in that old library, it's shit you could get a better look at it. The pictures are relaxing. I haven't been out of the city for some time now. I need to take bay vacation.

    xox Marcus

  2. Thats dedication. Place looks like it is full of history.

  3. This is amazing! First photo looks amazing! Stunning!

  4. The picture of the birds is creepy

  5. That library looks like my idea of a haven. You take sublime photos.