Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its Over.

So its all over. I am home. Twenty two months, 6 continents, 30 odd countries, countless planes, trains, buses, oh sooo many buses... Several boats. Two bought cars, which I drove over 30,000 kilometres in the US and Europe. Almost 200 rolls of film, roughly 5,500 photos all on film. I have been lost in the streets of almost every city I have ever dreamed about, and felt the cold rush of winds at the tops of mountains I never knew existed. I have watched the sun rise over ancient ruins and set over towering sky scrapers. I have seen it reflect off pristine seas, oceans, lakes, snow and the sands of deserts, it soothed me when its been minus 10 and scorched me when its been 40-45. For almost two years its been my only constant amidst the chaos thats been my life. Now home its time to find some kind of reality, and not that of the omnipresent vagabond. But who knows how long that can last for.

Photos will probably slow down a little bit now. : )

P.s There are waaayyy too many people to thank. They all know who they are and you have all been written down so it is not possible for me to ever forget! But thank you!


  1. I've been frequenting this blog for over a year.

    Amazing photos, I'm so jealous.

    Sad for it to slow down.

  2. The style you ve got its such trendy and actual. I am impressed by your outfits;)

    Follow me on bloglovin please and i do follow you back


  3. welcome back to the land of oz legend. i'm thinking about a splendour trip so maybe i'll be all up in yo hood soon. i trust i'm one of the people you wanted to thank so i'll just say: no worries!

    1. Haha a yay yay. Hit me up dawg! Splendour looks like a dog shit this year but it would still be fun haha

  4. wooow sound great, I´m slowly reading your blog haha the other day I found the book you gave me. have a great one and enjoy :)