Monday, October 22, 2012

Bali Pt 4.


  1. Love the cluster of the umbrellas in the first shot.
    Some nice waves pictured too, good fun.

  2. Dane, what film do you like to use? Im trying to get more detail in my photos. Ive been using portra 400 but going to see if portra 160 will be better. Loving using my new Nikon FE2, though i find focusing a little tricky, it seems super sensitive. Ive only shot one roll though so i've probably just got to get used to it. Also you seem to get whole scenes in focus, I seem to be constantly fighting shallow depths of field. The top three photos were shot on the FE2 on portra 400.

  3. Amazing, I love how you always make me dream away from the city life. Ah!