Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am terrible at remembering the places I have traveled to. I can barely remember the name of the country half of the time, maybe it is why I take so many photos, but if I do not write everything down, when I go back though photos I am completely lost as to where places are or the names of them. I do keep almost every small ticket for boats or buses or trams or trains to help with this, they are also nice memories. I barely have the ability to buy a bus ticket with out writing down where I have to go haha it is terrible. I have no idea how I have traveled this much and managed to make it where I wanted to go. But I am lost in Greece now going through ferry tickets and google maps trying to find the names of islands I went to and not just ones that sounds familiar. Photos of beaches and cliffs and small towns have all blended into one island. But I know I am going to mis name something eventually and its probably going to be really soon. hahaMilos, Greece photo MarioR_zpsc4ae5946.jpg Milos, Greece photo Boattown_zps526636c4.jpg Milos, Greece photo Beachhuts_zpsc46180cb.jpg Milos, Greece photo Deadboats_zpsb16e3584.jpg Milos, Greece photo Fishinghouses_zps2b562d88.jpg Milos, Greece photo Scratching_zps08b1482c.jpg Milos, Greece photo Whitehut_zpsdc7e69cd.jpg

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