Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Santorini. Pt. 3.

Greece, Santorini, photo Dome01_zpsa703025b.jpg Greece, Santorini, photo Dome04_zps4160c93d.jpg Greece, Santorini, photo Dome02_zps31b65290.jpg Greece, Santorini, photo Domes_zps31208763.jpg Greece, Santorini, photo Whitebuild_zps652fed17.jpg Greece, Santorini, photo frejacliff_zpsfa959223.jpg
I have felt a little strange posting photos from Santorini, it is so touristic it was over the top, I am happy I went there and I understand why people travel there, because, well it is amazing! It was still a little too much for me though. I normally try and shoot photos in places that I travel to that you can not just google image search and find a million other images exactly the same, but sometimes it is completely unavoidable but I still try, I feel like everything here could easily be found anywhere on the internet. Having said that the architecture, the cliffs and the colors make it unbelievably easy to photograph and amazing to look at.

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