Monday, January 26, 2009

Melbourne so far.

I arrived here after an unusually pleasant eight hour drive at about 7pm yesterday. Pani and I went out into the city which was not so exciting, then we came home and threw eggs at people. That was cool! I had forgotten how fun remedial childrens activities can actually be.
Today was pretty slow for the first half, we went to the park at around 3pm and played cricket with a skate board and a tennis ball, then proceeded home.
I sat on Pani's window sill for about an hour reading Thoreau periodically watching traffic and people continually pass by as I looked down from my perch on my second story window sill.
This afternoon was very random though. I got Pani to drop me off at Liam and Moonie's Tattoo studio and then Liam proceeded to binge me. I now have my first Tattoo. During my few hours at the tattoo parlor I also managed to feel two separate pairs of breasts just through Moonie being a douche haha.

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  1. haha that tattoos rad, this is so strange iv never met you before, i no most of those bunbury lads