Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comfort zone.

Tomorrow I am leaving Narooma, which I suppose I consider my last safe haven on my journey west. Tomorrow I head for Melbourne for a few days and then from there I continue onto Geraldton. I did not think I would be worried about this but as it is now very close to the point in time where I will be completly out of my comfort zone I am thinking immensely about alot of different factors. Mainly the fact I have never been past Melbourne and the fact that the job I am trying to get, from all things that I have been told is extreemly intense. I am not worried about anything because there has never been a point in time where things have not always worked out for me. But I judge it is the anticipation of the unknown that has me a little nervous. Camping and surfing and reading and music and ALOT of driving are the things that are awating me, and I am more than eager to begin my pilrigmage.

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