Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roof top hoe down

It started cooking dinner, when Liam picked up the acoustic guitar and started to freestyle the blues in a loud husky voice to a basic blues riff . Once dinner had been brought to the boil we moved ourselves onto the window sill where I had been spending a good duration of my time observing and Liam continued to play and sing, we grabbed a tamborine and Jerpy grabbed his harmonica and it was a full on blues hoedown on the window sill whilst we ate our dinner. Before long we moved out onto the roof on the corner of, and above the busy intersection with Liam’s foot in the gutter, Pani sitting next to him and myself leaning on a traffic light we continued to acoustic freestyle blues session. With the sun setting over the city in front of us the buildings were and amazing orange as the sky gradually darkened above starting with a purple filtering through to light blue then into and amazing dark blue and finally to black. The traffic stayed busy through the intersection and with people consistently flowing beneath our feet Liam would continue to sing, well more scream at the top of his lungs to women as they would walk past, keeping in time with the simple riff he would call them the devil and proceed to mention that the devil wears a black singlet with grey shorts or whatever the clothing situation may have been with each individual woman, just so they could be sure that they were the devil we were talking about. When no one was walking past he would sing about whisky and women for the people waiting for the lights to return to green.
It was different watching peoples reactions, whilst most people were more than happy to relax and enjoy three friends hanging out on their roof playing the blues. But for some reason, that is foreign to me and I am still unable to figure out the small demographic of passers by that were so uptight they would have a look and then quickly look away like they had seen nothing, while others would try and blatantly ignore it. Like it is in anyway possible to ignore three shirtless males sitting two meters above your head with musical instruments screaming at the top of their lungs.
By the time the sun had completely disappeared it had been quite a few hours so we decided to call it a night.
I will never be able to understand the mentality of those that chose to ignore the different and mainly enjoyable activities of others. It is human nature to be curious, if it has nothing to do with you then so be it, but if its just someone enjoying themself and sharing that enjoyment with others I feel people should be more than willing to embrace it.

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