Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leaving Melbourne

I knew how I felt and I had made assumptions on how I thought I would feel, but when the time came to actually leave Melbourne I was feeling a little more than nervous. I only had a one hour drive to Dave’s but after that there was no one that I knew the rest of the way across Australia. I don’t know how David manages to do it constantly, but for me it felt so daunting, if anything were to happen I have no idea how I would manage the situation. My mind was creating a thousand worst case scenarios that were playing out on the road in front of me as I drove, then after about 4o minutes, The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by the Postal Service come to the front of the shuffle on my ipod and all of a sudden everything I had been considering and worrying about just melted away, it reminded me of so many early morning surf trips up the coast with good friends in search for waves on a constant quest for adventure, and I realised that this was just me growing.
Others grow up to go to uni or get a trade, or work a 9-5. I am growing up to follow what I am passionate about and not let myself fall into what everyone else considers “growing up”. I want to surf, to travel, to grow as a person and to achieve all the childish dreams I once had. There is a life outside what we have been told by everyone since we were first introduced to school. There is a life outside what we are educated towards and what we are told we need to do. School, Uni or a trade a good paying job saving for a house and a car preparing for a wife and kids, living a life, preparing for something that may never happen. I just want to be happy, I want to live on a daily basis and know that every night when I go to sleep I can close my eyes and think that if I do not wake up tomorrow I will be completely happy with the day I just put to an end.

"As long as possible live free and uncommitted. It makes but little difference wether you are committed to a farm or the county jail"
(photo) My home for a night in South Oz.

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