Sunday, June 7, 2009

School Boy Humor.

Other things that have been going on lately.

Beard Off.

After growing a beard for 2 months and having it look like this. (see below)

I thought I was a fair bit of a man and could out grow anyones beard, well I was proven wrong. Jamie and myself had a beard growing competition. It only lasted for two weeks but here were the results.

Sure his is thicker and less patchy, but, mine is not red! And can you really put a price on that so I mean as far as I am concerned I did win the competition by default because I was not sporting a filthy carrot plantation on my face!

The other week I went to a house party, it was pretty small and low key only about 10 people but after about 5 minutes of being there this chick and her boyfriend or husband or what ever they were were both passed out on the couch ontop of one another. Some one drew a dick on her head and I took a photo with my phone.

Worst drawing of a dick I have ever seen but that is what it was meant to be and I still found it funny. I am not sure how many late 20 something girls end up passed out at parties with dicks drawn on their heads but I am sure it can not be that many.

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