Saturday, June 6, 2009

Skip School, Start Fights.

Last night I finished work and jumped in my car and started driving to Perth, 2 hours later I arrived at the venue, proceeded inside and met up with Byron. I had not seen him since I left Byron Bay and it was soo good to catch up.

They played their set after Break Even, we hung out for a little bit after and then Byron, Michael and myself started driving back to Bunbury. We arrived home at about 3Am. We got up this morning and went and checked the surf which was the sole intention of coming down last night, but alas it was about 1 foot so we ended up not surfing and just hanging out. The show this afternoon was real fun, the scene here is pretty weird, like I am not sure how to explain it but its pretty messed up but kids seem to have fun, I spose thats all that counts as well. But I am not sure if I would fly from the east coast to play shows here.

I hate that my last two posts have both involved hardcore, its like ohh just another bodyboarding kid into hardcore.... Thats cool.... But whatever really I spose these are the things that make up my life. My life is consisting of more and more late nights as well which I am actually beginning to enjoy haha, not really where I want my life to be at for too long but there is something about it that I am getting caught up in at the moment.

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