Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three Day Weekend.

We had a long weekend this weekend and mine went like this.

I finished work on Friday and night and went into the bar to watch Little Birdy. The show was pretty amazing, I had not seen them live or heard much of their stuff before, but I got really syked on it!

Night two. I finished work again and headed out to a party being held by a friend. There was a keg, a beer bong and a carton of UDLs. I was NOT drinking but it was extreemly funny. Jamie on the funnel.

I left there at about 12 and headed to another party that was, alot more rowdy, but there was a lot less alcohol being consumed. I got dragged onto the "dance floor" (driveway) as soon as I got there where I spent the next three hours trying to learn to dance like Rod Stewart. I ended up home at about 3:30Am (possibly photos of this later)

Day three. We headed up to Perth about 10:00Am to go and see Day of Contempt. The show was amazing!!! They were so tight and played every good song. There were not that many people there but apparently Saturday night was way bigger, I way prefered it small anyway. They were so stoked to be playing and the singer gave some little speech that was one of the best rants I have heard in hardcore for a long time! It went a little something like this, (it will probably be a little miss quoted but the message is the same) "Its good to see so many kids getting into hardcore, they may not always know whats really going on or have much of a clue but that does not matter becuase it gives bands the opportunity to tour and make a little bit of money no one is living well off it but yeah." So syked to hear one of the bands that basically started Australian hardcore talk about new kids in the scene as a positive thing and not like most of the other poofs that have been into hardcore for 10 plus years writing off all the "new jacks" saying they are ruining "their" scene.

This third photo of the band is my favortie, they let the strobe light off about twice in the whole set, I saw it start and just fired off as many shots as I could in the 5 seconds it was going and this was the result.

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  1. yeah i seen these guys the night before at amps, was siiick