Friday, June 19, 2009

Tornado in Bunbury

As you can probably gather from the heading, today there was a tornado in my current town of residence, Bunbury. I was at work when it actually hit, so, unfortunately for me I did not get to see it in action. As soon as I finished work though i ran home and got my camera and headed off to the supposed "disaster area". At first when I was told about a tornado I was a little bit suss on it but after seeing its aftermath I cant even imagine how mental it could have been.

Here are a few photos, I think they speak for themselves.

Trampoline in a tree.

Flipped over boat.

One house was destroyed, the other untouched with a rianbow over it, pretty sure Ned Flanders lives in that house!

Some random family. Maccas got its shit all messed up! Best thing about the storm.

Cleaning up after they lost their whole roof.

The same house without a roof.


  1. Such rad photos!

  2. fucking awesomely tragic. looks surreal like its a film set or something