Sunday, June 21, 2009

Burn This City.

Saturday night turned into Sunday morning, the sun rose and I had not yet been to sleep. The night for me started at work, I finished, changed and headed to Barbados, a local night club/bar. When I arrived there was not much going on, but an hour or so later a few more people I knew arrived and the dance floor was suddenly set alight. After a few hours of this, a few guys getting kicked out and everyone else I was hanging out with myself included being threatened with a forceful early departure the place closed. Kain, Ebony, Bicker and myself headed into town and hung out in the streets before returning to Kain's house at about 2:30am. We put on a Crowded House DVD and sat around talking shit, this led to guitar hero, untill the batteries went flat in the Wii remote. Kain went to bed at around 5:30 and Ebs and myself stayed up watching Arrested Development. In seemingly no time the sky started to lighten and the sun started to present its self to the sleepy Bunbury coast.

The last time I stayed up all night was in Europe, but that was purely being a vicitm of cirumstance and the fact that I was not able to get home until the tube station opened at 6:30am and other than that there was no way home and nothing to do besides stay awake and wait in the hope I did not get robbed in the seedy London streets.
I am not sure why I stayed up all night, I had not been drinking, I have decided that drinking is not a stong point in my life so I am choosing to have another few years of abstinence before partaking again.
My only regret from the night is that I did not have a camera with me.


  1. i am currently staying up on average one night a week, also without any alcohol just turbo %85 cocoa chocolate. haha