Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When It Rains.

I realised that I have not made a post about waves in well, a long time. That is because the surf has been a big pile of reaking poo! The first 6 weeks I spent in Bunbury was great I was going down the coast 5 days a week getting pumping waves almost everyday, and now, nothing! It has been shit for so long. Yesterday was the first half decent day I can remember for weeks. Its been cold and raining and gail force winds, normally onshore. I got about 5-10 waves yesterday and got out.

Here is a photo of a wave from yesterday. Don't worry, its not actually 10 foot despite what the picture looks like...... This was the best one I saw in some time standing on the beach with my camera, and this was the best day we have had for weeks!

Being no surf these are the things that have been consuming my life.

I just finished reading On The Road(below). Highly recommend it to anyone, and if you are into travel/philosophy you will froth about as hard as I did. When I finished it -in about 4 days- I felt I had read it too fast, so I will need to read it again.

Also I have been shooting half frame again alot lately. I will put up photos when I find someone with a scanner.

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