Sunday, August 9, 2009


Every time I have to get a needle I work myself into a frezny, its a completely uncontrollable state brought on by a completely irrational fear. I start to laugh constantly and just have trouble operating properly for sometime before and after. I suppose that this is why I put off actually getting a rabies shot for so long. But after some careful deliberation I decided that getting the vaccine was the best thing to do. When I was at the hospital talking to the doctor she said that if the virus actually set in there would be a 100% chance that I would die, I came to the conclusion I had made the right decision. It did not make getting a needle any easier though. I also have to go back for a second shot in 7 days and then another in 21 days.
I received two shots last night, one in each arm. I have not seen the dog that bit me for a few days but next time I do there is a good chance I will kick it in the face!

Inspecting the wound.

The drugs.

The first needle.Needle one. Needle two.
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