Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been There Done That.

All I can see is as far as my head lights can show me, all of the roads look the same in each state that I drove in, as I grip the wheel and I drift away. I find myself back in Byron, I am back and as happy as ever to be here.
I arrived last night at about 7pm in convoy fashion with Byron. We spent the previous night in the Central Coast staying at a friend called Dave's house. Then proceeded on our way up to Byron. I went back into Red Hot and Green to say hello to Michael. He made me the best dinner and then put me back on the roster, I start on Sunday. I am back at Judy's, for a limited time only though until I find somewhere else to live.
Thats all for now really. Updates on Sydney and a few photos soon.An old photo of when I had pecs.


  1. Yeah I know haha I did grow out of it though.

  2. laughinghardcryingharderSeptember 18, 2009 at 2:08 AM

    I remember when i first started talking to you and you spent your time perpetually at the gym. If i'd told you then that you'd end up bein a skinny vegan boy i'm pretty sure you woulda laughed my face off hahaaha

  3. I probably would have eaten your face off for my next 30 grams of protein. Who in the world saw that one coming hey haha

  4. Ohh and as if I am skinny anyway haha. Just a bit smaller haha