Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selected Attention.

As stated in previous posts, I am not the biggest fan of Sydney. But I just spent a week there on my way back to Byron. Despite previous experience I enjoyed myself alot this time. I think it was because there was friends there from all over the place staying in the more desirable parts of the city. I spent most of my time hanging out in places like Manly and Bondi rather than the Western Suburbs, which offers me nothing in the way of the activities I enjoy.
I found myself hanging out on the tops of roofs over looking Bondi and over crowded verandahs having barbecues and watching people have casual beers over looking the harbour in Manly. These things accompanied with trips to Whale Beach and south of Sydney to surf wedges near Wollongong lead to an extremely enjoyable time had by all.
I left with the thoughts that Sydney was not such an unlivable city as long as you choose your location appropriately.All photos are courtesy of a friend of mine Shannon Granger. Epic photographer from the Central Coast, he has taken pretty much all of the decent photos of me on this blog, plus the two water shots in the header.

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