Monday, December 6, 2010

Designer Skyline.

Mum and a few other people have said a few times there are no specifics on my page so here are a few.
I hiked up a mountain for 7 or so hours and this is what happened.
Also I have no idea why there is a black box around my movie but I cant get rid of it.


  1. "It is legitimately hailing" hahahahah. That was cool, do more videos!

  2. Haha yeah ok I will see what happens.

  3. hahahah, did you enjoy it? lol The best bit about hiking is definitely when you are done and you get to pig out haha

  4. Yeah fully loved it!! haha. I liked it alot more once I was warm again though haha

  5. Nice!
    and in Shorts haha.
    Is this Peru?

  6. Yeah it was in Peru. I had long pants to put on if it rained but when it did it went so mental I barely had a chance hahaha