Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nazca Lines.

I went in a plane above the Nazca lines.

Photos of the Nazca Lines and the hummingbird.

The Nazca humming bird.
The plane, it managed to land somehow.


  1. hey cornholeo
    i sees you went to nazca! lucky you didnt go down in that plane. sean and i are in chile now...actually did some surfing!
    anyway we have a blog too!
    if you make it to usa/canada again let us know!

    sean & sabrina

  2. oh god! hahahahaha is a nice photo of Nazca ... I liked the first photo! and go to my tumblr: ""! your blog is gorgeous, and it is on my list of favorites, when finished I put the banner on the blog right?

  3. this looks like such a magical experience!

  4. amazing photos! this looks breathtaking.

  5. Thanks guys. : )

    Umm Bandofphotos I am not sure what you mean about putting the banner on your blog? Do you mean as you are setting it up? Sorry.

  6. that chick looks hot!