Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conoce Venezuela.

I went to Venezuela for a short period of time, two weeks maybe. I hitch hiked across the border from Colombia into Venezuela. It was an intense line of contrast from one country to the other. I would have liked to spend more time there but there are a few funny things about the place that make it difficult. The main one was that you get a conversion of 15bolivars to 1 for a US dollar so if lunch is 45 Bolivars thats $3 which is good. But if you take money out there you get a set exchange rate of 4.6 or something like that which makes things 3 times more expensive straight away. Your card will NEVER work either in ANY atm. The country was amazing though! 50 litres of petrol cost about 40 cents as well.

Cotton farm.

Graffiti was made legal in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez, who as far as I can understand then went about paying people to write political slogans every where for him. It does lead to some of the funniest graffiti I have ever seen though, unfortunately most of the time it was when I was driving and could not take photos. Half of it is just anti United States slogans as well haha.


  1. I really like the connection inside these facades, especially the passage from mural painting to the nature itself!

    very good view!